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Don’t Quit Before the Finish Line

You see it happen about 1 minute in: Heather Dorniden is in the lead, running a 600-meter (sic – US spelling) race, when she falls down flat on her face.


No one would blame her for not getting up. It’s humiliating and painful. And who’d have a hope of catching up with seasoned runners?


Knowing Me, Knowing You: The Real Force Behind Leadership

Knowing Yourself is Only Part of the Leadership Equation

Many leadership development courses begin with the maxim, “Know Thyself”. The assumption is that by truly understanding yourself, then you can, in Shakespeare’s words, “To thine own self be true”. That will then guide your success in leadership. It’s the philosophy behind such models as Authentic Leadership and others.

Knowing Yourself

But there’s a distinct problem with this directive as the primary foundation of leadership: Leadership is about achieving a purpose. And knowing yourself is actually subordinate to knowing that purpose.

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Conductive Education Charity Dinner

When she was little, my youngest daughter had the benefit of attending special education classes with the Conductive Education Centre here in Perth. They are holding their annual charity dinner at the end of May.

Conductive Education Charity Dinner

Conductive Education Therapy is a unique integrative therapy and educational program that helps all kinds of kids with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities early in their development. Our daughter, Alyssa, benefited greatly from the treatments there, in conjunction with the many other providers, therapists and other programs that she’s been involved with over the years.


Watch My Blab Interview on Leadership

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve Blabbed about leadership with Jo Saunders at Wildfire Social Marketing. Here’s the correct link.

Blab Interview

We survived the session, tech hitches and all. It was a fun little experiment that I’d be happy to repeat again.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to join in a Blab. Request any leadership topics (or otherwise) you would like to discuss.

Peter J. McLean

http://theleadershiplamplight.com , www.lamplighter.com.au

Live Blab on Leadership

This Friday marks my first foray into using Blab live!

Jo Saunders

My friend, Social Media Marketing expert Jo Saunders of
Wildfire Social Marketing, will be interviewing me on behalf of the Project Management Institute of WA. We’ll be talking live about using your gifts as a leader, but really anything is open game.

If you have any questions you’d like to bring to the table, share them with us – you can do so beforehand as well.

This is my first Blab, and depending on how well it goes, it may well be my last!

Join us live at 12:00 pm (WST: Western Australia ST) this Friday 13 May for a leadership conversation at: https://blab.im/jo-saunders-use-your-own-gifts-talents-to-become-a-powerful-leader-speaker-interview-5fqugg

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Peter J. McLean

Follow Me On Twitter

I’ve finally taken the dip into TAAS – Twitter As A Service. Rather than signing up a long time ago and tweeting about nothing, I’ve built up a large bank of online resources that I can share through Twitter, as well as tweeting regular tips for leaders and high performers. You can find me on Twitter @PeterMcLeanJ

Twitter Follow Me on Twitter

I’m far from a Luddite (I trained in IT early on in my career(s)), but I didn’t want to waste time on something that wouldn’t benefit my clients. I feel the time is now here.

Plus, of course, there’s always “The Conversation”, so I hope you’ll follow along and join in. I’ll keep twittering as people indicate they like it. Plus, I might need people to show me how to do stuff!

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Peter J. McLean theleadershiplamplight.com

War is Hell!

A Poem for ANZAC Day

War’s Hell! Lest We Forget



Crack’d leather trimmed the worn thin box

Above the old TV

Hands reached out and opened the locks

What secrets lay to see


Like treasure hid beneath the ground

By peoples from the past

The medals gleamed and beckoned ’yond

The stories they held fast


“Your Grandad got those in the war”,

Said Dad with reverie

“He joked ’twere trucks he hid under

But these were won brave-ly.”


Grandad and his oxygen tanks came

Up to our house as kids

When Mum and Dad took care of him

While he was on the skids


Eight of us sat ’round the table

Five kids, Mum, Dad and Grand-

Dad Ken shared a joke as able

But war he couldn’t stand


His face like worn leather creas’d

With a larrikin smile

“You do what you want,” said he, pleas’d

“You go that extra mile!”


My daughter at ANZAC’s Assembly

Sings a song with her friends

“Lest We Forget”. We all get teary

To words a teacher penn’d


To all then cries a Viet Vet

“God saved me! War is Hell!”

“Thank God I never killed and yet

Of Greater Peace I’ll tell!”


’Cause it’s not war we celebrate

When ANZAC Day now falls

But Grandads, fathers, all the great

Whose lives did give for all


“War is Hell!” So our hands we reach

For treasures hid and set

Our hearts ’twards those died on the beach,

“War’s Hell!”, Lest We Forget


– Peter J. McLean, theleadershiplamplight.com, 2016


Your Gifts as a Leader Workshop

I’m excited to be running a half day Leadership Workshop, “Your Gifts As a Leader”, through the Project Management Institute of WA on Wednesday May 25, 2016 in Perth.

This is a unique half day format leadership workshop, incorporating unique feedback processes that I have developed which will help you to determine your best leadership self, your driving purpose and how to maximise your gifts for leadership – all based on my original Gifted Leadership™ model that has been so successful increasing the power and effectiveness of leaders.

Details and registration are here at WAPMI’s registration page. You need to be registered with the PMI WA website in order to complete the registration (which you can do on their site), but I am told you do not need to be a full PMI member to attend.

I won’t be offering this leadership development in this half day format again this year, so now’s the time if you want to take advantage of fantastic development for a small investment. It will be a highly participative morning, that has proven a hit with previous seminar attendees.

Learn more and register here.

I’ll email more info after you register, plus there’ll be some further discounted development opportunities for attendees only.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Peter J. McLean

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