One of the Worst Promos for a Professional Services Firm I’ve Ever Seen

Several of my readers have asked for articles on how to promote themselves and their careers or brands, how to develop a strong reputation and credibility. I have just been doing some research on some professional services firms for other projects, as I frequently work with these kinds of firms and I just came across one of the worst examples of service promotion that I have ever encountered! This will serve as an object lesson in how not to make yourself into a train wreck!


I won’t name the firm, for I think this such an embarrassment that they should wipe this off their website immediately, find every server they can with records and wipe them as thoroughly as Hillary Clinton wipes hers and then find Google, Bing, federal governments, Wayback Machine, the Australian Federal Police, the CIA and American NSA and everyone else they can remotely think of who may have a record and bribe them to redact the material.


One Week Until The ‘Keep Me Accountable’ Launch

Keep Me Accountable

As we determined where and how they needed to change through our strategic consulting and coaching, my high level clients needed a tool that could help drive them towards higher performance in their lives, their work and their businesses every day. They needed something that would help keep them on track – not just once in a while, but every day. But we just couldn’t find anything that did the job!

That’s why I created new processes and technologies to help them accomplish just that: something that would land in their lap with a way to keep track of the most important behaviours, attitudes and objectives of their day, their month and their year. And that became the ‘Keep Me Accountable™’ system that has helped change their lives.

Now I’m making my ‘Keep Me Accountable™’ system available to anyone and everyone to stay on track with the things that matter most – every single day.


The Perils of Following Your Passion

I am lucky. I get to follow my passion!” she told me. She is a professional violinist. My wife and I had just attended a performance of the Darlington Chamber Concert series in Perth. Semra was the violinist at the first performance for the year. She is also a lead violinist/assistant concertmaster at the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and tutors violin at the University of Western Australia.

Darlington Chamber Concert Series


Semra pointed to one of the real dangers inherent in the persistent pursuit of one’s passion. It’s not always easy to make a living from it!


Your Best Years Are Still Ahead

It’s easy to think that this is a young person’s world. You can look at the Zuckerberg and Jobs types and think: “It’s a young person’s game in business and making a difference. I wish I were young and had the energy I did then.” But the truth about the most entrepreneurial and most industrious people in our world is far from the imagined stereotype.

best years ahead

If you’re like many of my readers, you’re in what I could now safely call pre-middle aged. 60 is the new middle-aged! If you’re in your 40s or 50s, you’ve certainly not yet reached the latter part of life! My parents are in their early 70s and I still consider them young, even if some of the joints have had some work.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report for 2014 (published 2015), notes that although the highest percentage of early stage entrepreneurs born in a particular decade around the globe is those in the ages of 25-34, for every decade afterward, through to people in their 60s, the percentage of people involved in new business ventures is only slightly lower. This means that in Asia and Oceania, for example, around 8% of the population between ages 55 and 64 is in a start-up, around 12% of 45-54 years and around 14% of 35-44 year olds. Therefore, even accounting for demographic differences, the vast majority of those starting up new businesses are well over the age of 35.

An article by Ann Tergesen in the Wall Street Journal, in late 2014, breaks down many of the myths about aging that have been perpetuated in our youth-mad Western culture. (You will need a subscription to read the article in full, but it’s well worth it!) The article points out varieties of research demonstrating that cognitive growth (not decline) can be the standard for aging people, productivity can often be higher in older workers, and creativity, wisdom, happiness and contentment can all flourish in the older years.

So what can you do, if you’re a little older, to aim for something even higher in the coming years?


‘Keep Me Accountable’ Coming Soon

Keep Me AccountableMaintaining accountability for all the important things you have to do every day is one of the most challenging facets of improving your performance – and for those around you.

We know that all of the strategies, plans and improvements we want to make in life all come down to our daily execution. Managers, coaches, counsellors, you name it … they’re all in place in order to help us all be accountable. But it seems that no matter how hard some people try, they never seem to break into that level of daily, habitual performance in the things that matter most.

Even when you do try, it’s hard to keep track of what’s important. It’s even harder to know how well you’re doing, as each day blends into another.

That’s why I’ve created my ‘Keep Me Accountable™’ system for anyone and everyone to stay on track with the things that matter most – every single day.


Disney and the new $2 billion earning Star Wars trailee

The article is poor at identifying Mark Hamill’s voice, but notes that some good Marketing (i.e. the splendid new Star Wars trailer) added $2 billion to Disney’s market value today.

Peter McLean

Old(er) Blokes Can Get It Done, Too

It’s taken a little longer than I thought, but I’ve returned to the Blog and today is the start of a new series, answering questions and responding to the needs of my readers.

Many of my readers are older than the age of 30. In fact, they’re in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older, and know that they have plenty of life left in them yet, but are concerned about ‘where [they] go from here.’ I’ll be writing a series of posts on creativity, wisdom, experience and value for those who are now what might truly be called middle-aged.

Midge-Ure-Tour-PosterBut I’ll start somewhere you might not expect: Midge Ure.

Last night, a few of my siblings and I went to see Midge Ure perform live at a pleasant venue in Perth. Midge Ure was a founder of Visage, was the lead singer for Ultravox, had a solo music career and many more musical endeavours through the years. His most well-known music came from his career in the 80s, back when I was a teen. If you don’t know his music, you may recognise his song, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, which he co-wrote with his friend Bob Geldof. The song was the ‘big one’ used for Band Aid back in 1984. Midge and Bob co-founded Band Aid. Bob went on to be given a knighthood. Midge, sadly, did not, but he was awarded an OBE.


Taking a 2 Week Writing Break

Writer-at-work-signI‘m taking a 2 week writing break starting this weekend. I won’t be taking a break from writing, but will be taking a break from substantive blogging, in order to concentrate on some major writing and creative projects. I’ll be posting new articles again from the week commencing Monday 23rd of March, with topical and strategic posts AND including the beginning of a series of articles in response to my most recent reader survey.

In the meantime, I’ll reblog some of my more popular posts for readers to peruse.

All of my client work (and life!) will continue as normal, if you need to contact me.

Stay tuned for further announcements.


Peter McLean

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