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5 Days to Your Best Year Ever

New Year’s Resolutions are often the bane of people’s existence: they set some goals, have great intentions, but don’t gain traction.

I often work with clients to set strategic personal and business goals and put in place the mechanisms and resources to achieve them. As a sample of this process, I have a pdf eBook available that you can obtain here on my site, The Lamplighter Guide to A Great New Year. You may already have a copy. It’s a great process that I devised for setting important, meaningful goals – and achieving them.

Michael Hyatt, however, has just opened enrolment to his 2017 Course of 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. If you’re looking for an online course that can help you set great goals, you honestly can’t get better than this. It’s like my eBook amped with Olympic-level drug enhancement and supported by Russian hackers. (Just kidding about the hackers – there is no evidence they were involved.)


Michael follows a similar process (more…)

Turning Around Company Culture

I was meeting with the CEO of a very successful publicly listed Company, who said he’d taken about 15 months to turn the culture of his business around from bureaucratic to collaborative, and that has slowed down growth and innovation.

It’s a big company and he had a big job to do, but when I work with organisations and leaders, we aim to turn the direction of organisational cultures around within 3-6 months – quicker if we have the necessary qualitative data and conditions (most quantitative data is often shallow and insufficient to the cultural change process – it’s over-rated).

The keys to these turnarounds are: (more…)

8 Strategies From High Achievers for 2017

Chart A New Course for 2017!

When I work with executives, business owners and leaders, we often have to reset how they approach the New Year. And, yes, we are approaching 2017 really fast!

Best-selling author Michael Hyatt, who has an outrageously successful online business coaching thought leaders, entrepreneurs and online producers, has an extensive network with some of the US’s best-known leaders and coaches.

Michael has used that network to create his brand new pdf eBook:“Achieve What Matters in 2017: The 8 Strategies Super-Successful People Are Using Now to Accomplish More Next Year.”, which outlines strategies these entrepreneurs and business leaders use to approach their new year.

Michael’s happy for me to offer this eBook free to my readers, so I’m offering it to you here as thanks for visiting my blog. (more…)

Great Night Speaking At Rotary Club

It wasrotary a great night presenting at the Rotary Club of Joondalup last night, speaking about how extraordinary leadership is enabled through a heart for, and practise of, service. It was a privilege to meet with the many members, business and community leaders with long-standing commitments to service towards communities here and abroad. We had stimulating and enlightening discussion during the meeting and an enjoyable dinner afterwards to top it off.

I’m pleased I was able to serve these people serving their communities.

Thank you for the invitation to speak to you all. I look forward to the next opportunity.

– Peter J. McLean

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