Support Cancer Sufferers and Carers with a Donation to the Red Sky Ride

Red Sky RidersThis Saturday my friend Rohan Erwin (who is currently General Manager of Mining Services at Brierty Ltd, clients of mine) is raising funds for cancer sufferers and their carers by participating in a gruelling 1000 km, 8 day fund-raising bike ride through Western Australia’s hilly southwest. It’s the SolarisCare Red Sky Ride and Rohan is part of a team of volunteer riders.

The riders start this Saturday, 22 Feb and the teams are looking for donations/sponsors. They’ve been training and preparing for months.

At least one in three people will be directly affected by cancer in their lifetime. My immediate family has, as have many friends of mine over the years. As a carer myself and having been alongside my wife’s family taking care of my mother-in-law through cancer a number of years ago, I know how hard it can be on both the sufferer and the family.

If you would like to support Rohan and the teams on their fund raising ride, please visit the SolarisCare page here and donate now. All proceeds go directly to SolarisCare. They are looking to raise $400,000 but are only a little over halfway there at the moment. Any donation you can make would be very welcome!

Read about Rohan and please donate here. Oh, and you might want to leave a message of support and let him know I sent you so he knows how on earth you found out!

Here’s a message Rohan sent yesterday:

Dear Friends & Colleagues

Less than 4 days to go now until we are in the saddle for 1,000 kilometres circumnavigating the South West of WA on a skinny seated push bike.

We leave from the Matilda Bay Café on Hacket Drive next to UWA. The opening ceremony commences around 7.50am Sat 22nd Feb, and we  commence the ride around 8.30 – 8.45 am. You are all welcome to see us off.

I must admit I am becoming a little apprehensive at what seemed like a great idea all those months ago, but we are well prepared and it is for a fantastically worthy cause, and I am fortunate to be a small part of it all.

Thank you to all those of you that have generously donated to Solaris Care Foundation already, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

For those of you yet to make a donation. Please donate now. Simply click on the image below and have your credit card handy (other payment options as well).

It’s all about supporting and assisting Cancer suffers and their Carers. It’s often a long and uncertain road for these guys, and that’s what we are doing this for. They are the ones that deserve our generous support.

Please assist me by way of donation to the Solaris Care Foundation, Red Sky Ride.

On the 22nd February 2014, myself and around 30 other individuals will commence a 1,000 kilometre ride around Western Australia’s South West to raise awareness and much needed funds for the Solaris Care Foundation. This long and often arduous Red Sky Ride represents the journey undertaken by those diagnosed with cancer and the path that they follow thereafter, with the distinction that the riders are relieved after 8 days.

Red Sky Riders are all volunteers and are presently training hard for this event, cycling over 200 Kilometres per week increasing to around 350 Kilometres per week leading up to the ride. It is a big personal commitment in both time and effort, in addition to the eight days of the ride, and your support and financial commitment however small or large, is greatly appreciated. All funds go directly to Solaris Care.

The Solaris Care Foundation provides care and support to both Cancer sufferers and their personal carers through this often long, difficult and uncertain journey. Solaris Care improves the lives and the outcomes of these people, and deserves all the support we can muster.

One in three of us will be directly affected by cancer in our life time, and we all know and are close to someone that has been directly affected.

Please give generously, by simply clicking on the image below which leads to my donations page on the Red Sky Ride web site, whereby you can easily make a donation electronically and directly to Solaris Care.

Thank you for your kind contribution and please feel free to call me regarding any associated matter.

Kind regards

Rohan Erwin

Red Sky Riders

Free Sample Videos

Free sample videos of the Authentic Speaking® Video Series and the Gifted Leadership™ videos have been added to my blog and websites. View them here at or here on the blog. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can still benefit from a few tips in these samples!

If You’re Serious About Improving Your Leadership and Communication

Here’s a new message regarding the Performance Power-Ups” video series. Subscribe at if you’re serious about improving as a leader, a communicator and as a professional. We’re up to Episode 17 of each series this coming week!

Peter’s Performance Power-Ups – Video Intro

Intro to my “Performance Power-Up” Video Series, with some excerpts from a few episodes.

Visit to find out more and subscribe.

New Video Seminar Series

I’m announcing a new development opportunity that I believe will benefit anyone and everyone. I don’t harangue people with endless sales pitches on useless products. I provide high level consulting, coaching and development opportunities for clients and have no intention of turning away from the integrity and “class” that I’ve demonstrated through the years, but this announcement is about an addition to our services that will be available around the world 24/7 via the internet.

I’ve created several online video seminar series to help people grow as leaders, as communicators and as individuals. These are based on my original doctoral research, my years of consulting and executive coaching and my studies and business experiences across more than two and half decades on three continents.

Each series is centred on the themes of leadership, communication and performance. Up to 50 five-minute videos will be delivered straight to your inbox every week throughout the year. That’s just enough length for the modern attention span and our busy schedules. View them anywhere, any time, on any device, until the internet expires.

The Different Series Are:

  1. Gifted Leadership: Bring out your gifts and talents and those of the people around you to create extraordinary performance – all while actually enjoying what you do. Lead in your business, family and community. Topics include: Your Driving Leadership Purpose™. What are your Deepest Gifts? Developing High Performance. Strategic use of your gifts. Leading the ‘Unleadable’. Learning from great leaders. Being ‘in the zone’. Collaboration. Communication. And much more…
  2. Authentic Speaking: Be a persuasive and inspiring communicator who leads others to great results. Communicate in a genuine way that truly connects with people, in all kinds of situations. Topics include: The 3 Cs of Authentic Speaking®. Connecting with your audience. Speaking to persuade. Building Confidence. Overcoming fears. Building Presence. Using powerful narratives. Avoiding ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Object Lessons. Great speaking models. Commanding the room. Integrity. The heart of the message. Power vocabulary. And much more…
  3. Professional Service and Sales: What do clients really need and want? How do you connect with your clients to build greater professional relationships and more business for the both of you? Topics include: What clients want. What you have to offer. Being proactive. Nurturing clients. First impressions. Power questions. The Commitment Matrix™. Negotiation. Marketing analyses. Time management. And more…

These will be relaxed, enjoyable and informative videos, set in my home office. No fancy graphics. No fluff or fads. Just pure content that will actually make a difference.

Why am I doing this? We are all so busy these days. I often talk with people who say, “I’d love to come to a workshop or have you come to my firm, but there just isn’t time.” Well, this is as flexible as you can get and presents a low level of investment for great return. If you’ve already been a client of mine, or have been to one of my workshops, you will still find great value and new ideas, or  old gems that you had forgotten. If you’re new to my services, this will provide you with a wealth of practical ideas and insights that will help you. Don’t worry: you can still hire me or attend a workshop to gain more value.

Your Investment: Each series only costs $250. To be frank, just ONE idea that helps you would be worth 20-1000 times that. I’ll give you hundreds. There’s no excuse not to sign up.

Early Bird Discounts: Pay only $200 (get $50 off) if you buy by April 25, 2013 (Australian ANZAC Day). If you can claim your expense on your taxes, it may cost you as little as $108 dollars over the year – that’s less than 30 cents a day. You couldn’t buy water with that money, or even air! (Make sure you choose ‘early bird’ in the course option while the offer lasts.)

Further Discounts: If you refer a friend or colleague who subscribes before June 1, I’ll give you $25 credit per referral, for use towards other video series, workshops or consultations. Sign up 10 or more friends or colleagues and I’ll give you $350 credit towards any video series, workplace profiling, workshop or consultation. Just make sure they mention your name when registering.

Fair Use: I am happy for you to personally show a sample of a video to others and of course you should use the ideas in your own work and development, but note that this is all my original IP. I am trusting you to keep your video links private and to respect copyright. They cannot be shared, tweeted, facebooked, or otherwise published in any way to other people. I don’t want to have to restrict your access. Besides, the lawyers in my family would have a field day and they have enough work already.

When: The videos will commence broadcasting in early May. They will arrive at the start of the day (West Australian time) once per week. Each series will be broadcast on a different day of the week.

Make A Request: The first set of video series will start in May of 2013 (further series will follow in time). Although each series is fully planned out, I want to provide some flexibility and responsiveness, so the episodes will not all be filmed right away. As a founding subscriber, if you have a request for specific topics or questions you’d like addressed or answered under the series’ theme, then send it through. If I think many of the subscribers will be interested, I’ll include an episode on your topic.

To buy, simply visit our website now at and click on ‘Buy Now’ for the relevant series.

If you would like to sign up for more than one series, simply return to the website after buying and order more.

Here is the series information if you don’t want to visit the website yet:


Gifted Leadership Video Seminar Series I. 40 online videos on the most important skill you can build: your leadership. Learn how to use your gifts to bring out the gifts of others for high performance.Topics include: Your Driving Leadership Purpose™. What are your Deepest Gifts? Developing High Performance. Strategic use of your gifts. Leading the ‘Unleadable’. Learning from great leaders. Being ‘in the zone’. Collaboration. Communication. And much more…

EARLY BIRD deadline: April 25, 2013

Authentic Speaking Video Seminar Series I. 50 online videos delivered straight to your inbox every week throughout the year. Each video has 5 minutes of great information, tips and boosts to your speaking and communication – just enough for the modern attention span! Become a more powerful and authentic speaker.Topics include: The 3 Cs of Authentic Speaking®. Connecting with your audience. Speaking to persuade. Building Confidence. Overcoming fears. Building Presence. Using powerful narratives. Avoiding ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Object Lessons. Great speaking models. Commanding the room. Integrity. The heart of the message. Power vocabulary. And much more…

EARLY BIRD deadline: April 25, 2013

Professional Services Client Relationships & Sales. 40 videos for professional services providers, based on our research and work improving customer service and sales for professional services firms: what clients really want, how to connect with your clients, how to provide great services, keeping up with fees.Topics include: What clients want. What you have to offer. Being proactive. Nurturing clients. First impressions. Power questions. The Commitment Matrix™. Negotiation. Marketing analyses. Time management. And more…

EARLY BIRD deadline: April 25, 2013

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Public Speaking for Executive Leaders Workshop

February 25-26 2013 is our next Authentic Speaking Executive Leaders Workshop.

Designed for confident senior leaders or leaders with more speaking experience, this workshop is designed for leaders to dramatically improve their speaking, leadership and their brand as representatives of themselves and their organisation. For peers only, we use my original Authentic Speaking(R) approach to bring out your personality and persuasive abilities and help you to connect, persuade and inspire your audience.

The workshop is highly participative, with limited numbers to ensure individual coaching in a confidential and supportive environment. We consider your various audiences – both external and internal to your organisation – and how you can more powerfully communicate your vision and message. The results are simply outstanding.

This is what one of the participants at our last Executive Leaders Workshop in July said:

“I found the individual and personalised training and feedback during the course to be particularly valuable…. I learned … skills and techniques during the course which I am confident will enhance my performance when giving a variety of presentations in the workplace.”

- David Woolfe, General Manager Legal & Risk, Relieving CEO, Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited

The workshop is being held at beautiful Joondalup Resort in Perth, with fabulous lunch at Bistro 38 Restaurant each day. (If people only talk about the lunch afterwards, you know the workshop or conference was worthless. They don’t only talk about lunch after my workshops, but I do try to provide the best wherever possible!)

This is a high level human development event. If you want to challenge yourself and grow and would like to enrol or obtain more information, visit our dedicated website at or just email me through the ‘Contact Us’ tab above.

Executive Presence in Public Speaking Workshop

On July 30-31, 2012, I am holding a two-day Executive Leaders Public Speaking Workshop in Perth.

For years I have been running public speaking workshops for all types of professionals. I have also been individually coaching executives, senior leaders, business owners and professional speakers in their speaking. Based on my many years of success with clients, I have seen the need to create a high level event for people who are already confident speakers, but need help moving to a higher level; becoming more engaging and inspiring for their audiences. They need to convey strong executive and leadership presence, persuade and convince, while maintaining the authenticity that is so often unfortunately lacking in leaders’ communication.

This workshop is a further step in the development of these skills, based on the my original Authentic Speaking(R) methods that have already made my work with speakers so successful.

Enrolment is strictly limited, as there will be many opportunities to work on your speeches in front of the group, get video feedback and receive individual coaching. Additionally, there will be opportunities for you and your peers to discuss the communication needs that you have at the top of your organisation: influencing and communicating with staff, conveying passion to clients, convincing stakeholders, representing your brand well and building your own personal brand as a leader.

If you would like further information, contact me through and I will send you a flyer describing some of the course content and registration information. This event will be held at a fine resort and will include restaurant meals on both days.

We already have enrolments and only have limited spaces left, so enquire now and secure your seat.

NOTE: This workshop is held repeatedly throughout the year. Enquire for current dates.

Go With the Flow – Goofy Driving

Driving through Perth’s city tunnel this morning, I was once again reminded how bad Perth drivers are on freeways and highways. Therefore, in the public interest I am posting this link to a youtube video of a 1950s Goofy instructional video on how to drive on the US highway system.

Every Perth driver should watch and learn from Goofy. In fact, a giant videoscreen should be erected on the so-called ‘tiara’ of our new BHP tower so that the entire city can see it repeated again and again and perhaps finally learn the lessons: merging means going with the traffic flow, properly indicating or using lights, not stopping, not slowing down as you enter a freeway, not speeding up so that you can keep your spot, or otherwise driving like an idiot.

Things get going at around 1:50 minutes. You can also see the related videos, with various types of drivers at the following, including a further 3 categories of problem drivers:

‘Stupidicus Maximus’ doesn’t recognise that his actions affect others and that he is actually disrupting the flow of traffic. Put a cell phone in his hand and you have the 21st Century driver all over.

There are many parallels that one may apply to work and leadership: people not working into the flow, not preparing or ‘packing’ properly for the trip, lack of attentiveness, overtiredness, etc. etc. etc.

I saw the first video when I was a little kid (no, it was not the original broadcast date!) and remembered it clearly when I started driving – I’ve remembered it around the world, in fact. Goofy – and Disney – were on a winner with these sardonic instructional videos.

Watch. Learn! Comment!

Comments from ‘Your Gifts as a Leader’ Workshop

Here are just a few more of the comments from our recent “Your Gifts as a Leader” workshop:

“It has been a really wonderful experience. [It] helped create an awareness of leadership and the effect that it can and has had on other people.

A very personal and honest reflection. Thank you for a truly worthwhile experience: one that will certainly stay with me.” – Kellie

“Thank you Peter: A great morning spent reflecting on leadership and how it affects who we are and how we manage. You have helped me understand the broader meaning of leadership and how to become a better leader.” – Michele

“A great opportunity to reflect on personal experiences and gifts. Particularly valued the ‘activating incidents’ perspective for reflecting on deriving meaning, and the personal stories about leadership in the family/personal context.” – Nick

“I was pleasantly surprised in that I found the morning very informative and fun to be part of. Peter has a great way of getting the information out of everybody, and presenting it to the group … definitely worth getting up to!” – Dave

“The workshop with Peter has highlighted other sources I can use as inspiration in developing my leadership skills … This has helped me solidify my understanding of how to identify my gifts and talents and given me a path for determining which to hone and enhance. Thanks Peter!!” – Gry

“A very worthwhile workshop.” – Steve

“I have found today very insightful.” – Mark

“Peter McLean’s Lamplighter workshop was both useful and insightful. I have been to many leadership workshops before which I found lofty or impractical. Peter was warm, honest and his workshop helped me gain insight on what drives me as a leader, as well as how to use my gifts, talents and skills to further myself towards the goals I have set. Peter was an engaging and motivating speaker. I can now walk away knowing my own leadership point of view. Thank you.” – Mieke

“The Lamplighter leadership program was both insightful and empowering. Peter brilliantly delivered a…program that captivated the audience and he provided you with incredible tools for success in leadership. Thank you Peter” – Calvin

The “Gifted Leadership Resort Experience” will be held in mid 2012. Visit here for details. Scroll down the page to read the workshop description.