Does Your Leadership Team Need to Perform Even Higher?

Does Your Leadership Team Need to Perform Even Higher?

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Turning Around Company Culture

I was meeting with the CEO of a very successful publicly listed Company, who said he’d taken about 15 months to turn the culture of his business around from bureaucratic to collaborative.

It’s a big company and he had a big job to do, but when I work with organisations and leaders, we aim to turn the direction of organisational cultures around within 3-6 months – quicker if we have the necessary qualitative data and conditions (most quantitative data is often shallow and insufficient to the cultural change process – it’s over-rated).

The keys to these turnarounds are:

You Can Do More Than One Thing At a Time: Strategy That Works – Part Six

You Can Do More Than One Thing At a Time: Strategy That Works – Part Six

Strategy is often inhibited by fallacies in thinking. One of the greatest of these is the either/or fallacy. This informs the mindset that when presented with two apparent options, one must choose one or the other and that they are mutually exclusive.

The problem with this kind of thinking – while this may be useful for particular commitments – is that it does not allow for the divergent or even integrated options one may develop.

Iterative Strategy: Strategy That Works – Part Five

Strategic work in organisations needs to recognise the changing business landscape caused by the interaction between our environment, developing technologies, social changes and personal and demographic aspirations in both established (recovering) and developing economies. Therefore, strategy needs to be iterative – for some organisations almost on a daily basis. For individuals and businesses, strategy needs to help us to adapt and decide the play of the day. This strategy will continue to morph through the outcomes of those daily plays and events.

Here are 4 examples I have close knowledge of from my consulting work. These examples range from smaller to very large-scale enterprises, with sometimes difficult lessons to be learned.

The Importance of Speaking Out With Energy

Watching my daughter’s participation in a rehearsal of a school performance of Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet, I am reminded what a difference speaking out clearly and energetically makes for communicators.

Too often, speakers and leaders hold back in their delivery and their language and thereby deprive the audience of the benefit of their ideas. It happens in public arenas, meetings and informal discussions. Rehearsing your intent, motive, language and energy all help you to connect with and influence your audience and people.

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